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Plus, when it comes to masturbation, you don’t have to worry about passing or getting HIV or STIs but still get that release of feel-good hormones! 💦. Breaking the Ice on Masturbation.

Try using keywords like. consent. , masturbation. , STI testing. , gender. , or. overdose prevention. 🌈🍒🍆🍑🌶🌈🍒🍆🍑🌶🌈.
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We know the world has changed A LOT since our parents’ days of dating. so we want to bring you real-life tips on navigating online dating and hookup apps, building healthy relationships and a consent culture, and even talk about masturbation as a way for you
6 Ways to Begin Overcoming Shame | Sexfluent

Take back your own pleasure through masturbation or with a partner. Fantasize about what, with whom and how you experience sex and love. Send positive messages to the places in your body and mind that still feel shameful.
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Connective Masturbation. Perhaps one of my favourite practices, when my libido doesn’t match that of my partner, is to enter into. Connective Masturbation. This one is relatively simple.
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