PnP: A Whole New World of Sex and Drugs

                                                                                                                🎵  It’s shining, shimmering…meth! 🎵

What is PnP (Party n Play)?

So you’re curious about PnP… I’m glad you’re here, because it’s important to do some research first. PnP isn’t everyone’s scene, so decide if this is something you want to get into and how you can prepare to do it more safely.

The short answer: it’s SEX WITH DRUGS!!!

—But anyone can say they’ve had sex while high, but that isn’t necessarily the same as PnP. The term PnP is usually used for a specific scene; typically used among gay or queer guys and most commonly associated with the drug called crystal meth. So PnP is really the intentional use of meth to have sex with someone, which is different than, say, going to a rave high on molly and ending up in bed with someone.

Invitations to PnP

Not everyone follows these same rules but here are some common cues that someone might be looking to PnP:

  1. Looking to parTy. Any fun tonighT. leT’s get wild.

You might have seen something like this before. Why are all these T’s randomly capitalized in someone’s Grindr profile? (btw... you actually read the profile?) This is the most common way to know someone’s asking about PnP. “T” is also short for Tina, another name for crystal meth.

  1. Do you party? Looking to party?

Some people may ask this to mean PnP but sometimes it might more generally mean using party drugs like molly, or ketamine. It’s not the most clear way to ask, so it’s important to clarify with them.

  1. Open-minded. Mild to wild

This one could go either way and is very ambiguous. This maybe/could be/might/I don’t know mean PnP, but could also be taken as-is. In the end, just ask if they are looking to PnP if you’re unsure what they want.

Preparing Yourself

Trying PnP for the first time might sound exciting and add something new to your sex life, but are you ready for that next big step? To be clear: PnP is not for everyone. If you have a history of struggling with substances, adding another one to the mix probably isn’t the best idea. Before you start, take time to reflect: why do you want to PnP?  

  • Are you bored with your sex life?
  • Are you lonely? Are you looking for a connection?
  • Does sex with drugs sound exciting to you?
  • Do you need drugs to feel more comfortable having sex?

There are many different reasons someone might want to try PnP. It’s important to know what your own reasons are because if those reasons start to change, your substance use might not be what you want anymore. Decide for yourself what you want and what you’re comfortable with.

Am I in a good place in life? Am I generally happy overall?

It has been researched that when you’re not in a good place in life that you may be more susceptible to relying on substances. A dependence on substances to try to stay happy isn’t usually a sustainable way to live. If you’re unhappy in your life, using drugs as an escape is only a temporary fix.

Can I handle this?

There are two camps when it comes to using meth. Some guys are totally fine with their use. They can take an occasional puff or parTy once every few months. But there are also guys who have struggled hard and regret having ever started. Unfortunately it’s not always fun and sometimes things can get serious. It’s important to reflect on where you’re at and what you’re comfortable with. Set some limits with yourself based on what you want and think about how far you want to go.

Am I comfortable with this person? How well do I know them?

Whether with or without substances, when you’re hooking up with someone it’s always better that you feel comfortable and safe with them. Is this person safe to have in your home, or going to theirs? Spend some time to chat online with this person to get a better idea of who they are, discuss what makes you feel comfortable, and what your limits are. There’s no rush to meet the very same day. If you’re mutually interested in each other, you can always meet another time!

The Drugs: Crystal Meth & GHB

When someone says they PnP, usually it means they use Crystal Meth. It can also be called meth, T, Tina, crystal, or ice. It looks like clear, or clear-ish crystals, and is usually smoked using a pipe with a round bulb at the end. It can also be injected (a.k.a. slammed), snorted, booty bumped (placed up the butt), or swallowed in pill form. Each method can have its own risks and also affects how quickly and strongly you feel the effects. For example, if you decide to booty bump then you need a lower dose because your body absorbs it more strongly through your butt.  

Sometimes folks will also use another drug called GHB (or “G”, for short) along with meth to counter the stimulant’s effects. While meth energizes you, GHB can slow you down. G is a clear liquid and is usually best to mix with a pop drink because of its extremely salty taste. The dosage must be carefully measured as an extra 1 mL more than the typical dose can make you feel sick or pass out. GHB has been used for sleep therapy so it can make you sleepy, unlike meth, that can keep you awake all night. However, both can make you super horny and increase sensitivity to sexual pleasure. While meth has a much stronger and more intense high, it can also leave your dick staying soft. But on G, most guys can still get hard.

Safety Tips  

Before you PnP, check-in with who you’re partying with:

  • Are you ok with using condoms or no condoms?
  • Are the people involved on PrEP, HIV-positive undetectable, or testing regularly?
  • They say you can’t give proper consent when you’re drunk or high, so before anything happens make it clear what you’re ok with doing sexually. Just in case, let your partners know that you’d rather be left alone once you fall asleep.

Take care of your body’s needs. When you’re high and playing all night, it’s easy to forget to take care of your body. Meth makes your appetite low so it’s important to eat and drink water throughout the night. Future you will thank you later when the “come down” hits afterwards. Set reminders to also take any medication as some benders might last 12 hours or even more than a full day.

Be mindful of dosage limits. Before you start, think about how much you are comfortable doing. How much T are you going to smoke? How many times are you going to puff in one night? How many doses of G for one night?

Also, time limits. Because T keeps you awake, it’s easy to stay up for over 24 hours. It’s important to set a time to cut yourself off or go home. Your body needs to rest after using a huge amount of energy. This could be 12 noon or when the sun rises as a cue to go home.

Think about how often you want to PnP. This could look different for everyone depending on your lifestyle or how much your body can handle. Make sure to listen to your body for signs of exhaustion. Some people PnP only for special occasions. Others might want something regularly like once a month or every 3 months. If you work a 9-5 job, it would make sense to limit PnP time to weekends or long weekends only. Friday nights might be best so that you can spend the rest of the weekend recovering.  

I know I can make PnP sound like loads of fun, but there are also some real dangers. When dabbling in drugs, you’ve gotta be careful and know your stuff beforehand. If you do too much, don’t know the right dosage, or don’t take care of yourself at the same time, the consequences could be pretty bad. Not all folks have a good experience with PnP. Taking these precautions will help your body and mind in the long run so that you can play again another time.  

Keep researching and take care of each other!

Written by: Ryan Tran

                                                               Manager of Education & Outreach at ACAS

                 ACAS is a charitable, non-profit, community-based organization for the East and Southeast Asian                  LGBTQ+ community, including those living with HIV. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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